This book breaks through the personal barriers that hold us back from achieving true love.
True symbiotic Love is pure, free, and enduring. It is a joyful dance between the giver and receiver. Neither person is the center of the equation. Love is the equation.
Today, I challenge you to begin anew, and reach for higher levels of loving. I invite you to bring the highest and best qualities of love, True Love into all of your relationships.
If you are brave and willing to open your mind, my book, "What Is Love?" will take you on a journey to your soul. If you want deep and fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life, this book provides a pathway for you to know and embrace the love you want and deserve.

Announcing: "What is Love?"

by Helen Berg

 Peace and Love!
             Helen Berg

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Have the Relationship You Want. Have a Life Filled with Love.