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Helen Berg


My whole life, I have been on a mission to explore, define and understand the meaning of the words, "True Love."  For me, it has always been about helping people heal their minds, bodies and spirits so that they can grow and bloom.

As an attorney, I broke down problems and counseled people emotionally when they lost their job or were physical injured.  I research their problems, gathered evidence and helped them negotiate some very difficult legal hurdles.  Together, we always arrived at solutions that took them positively forward into their future lives.  Many times that meant accepting change and creating new visions.

These same abilities helped me comprehensively explore the meaning of True Love.  If you are brave and willing to open your mind, my book, "What Is Love?" will take you on a journey to your soul.  If you want deep and fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life, this book provides a pathway for you to know and embrace the love you want and deserve. 

I did it, and so can you!  Love, Helen Berg

Helen Berg is an author and speaker in the field of self-development. Ms. Berg holds a B.A. in Communications from Wayne State University and a J.D. from Wayne State Law School.  In addition to helping people break down problems and reach legal solutions, she has also delved deeply into the subject of Unconditional Love.  "What Is Love?" is a compilation of her lifelong study.  In addition to this book, look for her MP3 meditation downloads, her videos and daily affirmations.