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I had the opportunity to read and edit Helen Berg's book, What Is Love?  Helen's book opened my eyes to see with a new and clearer vision.  I know now that to truly give good love, I've got to give it to myself first.  When I love, respect and cherish myself, I will not accept anything but True Love in my life.  I have finally found the love of my life and am truly happy.  

JF, Flagstaff, Arizona

This book s a great read BEFORE you get into a relationship.  It makes you think about what True Love really IS. You see, you need to know and nurture love within yourself, before you can have it with others.  You need to become the kind of person you want to attract.  I know this now.  And as I improve the love I have for myself, all of my relationships have improved, especially the one with my significant other.  Love you Helen!  

SF, Long Island, New York

What Is Love?  That is such a good question.  Helen says "it's everything and nothing at the same time."  I agree. Once you open your heart center to love, True Love, you can never go back to accepting less.  When Love is True, it not only feel good, it feels rights.  Thanks Helen for opening my eyes to a new way of looking at Love.  

GH, Orlando, Florida.

I already had a good relationship.  But, it can always be better.  I'm a long-time friend of Helen, so I read her book to help her edit it.  It opened my eyes to looking at my own relationship in a new way.  Love is give and take, but it is also an organic evolution of the soul.  Thanks, Helen.  When I want to remember what Love is at its highest level, I reread those parts of the book.  

Living in Love in Avalon, JF

Before Helen Berg wrote her book, she coached me to to achieve my dream of being an actor.  I was working in a job that I didn't care for much, and acting on the side.  She empowered me to take my acting career to the next level. Thank you Helen

Happy and living my dream in Vancouver, JH

My marriage was failing, and it was very destructive to my mental health.  Helen encouraged me to educate myself and break free from the chains of an abusive husband.  Thank you Helen for your inspiration.

LW, Dearborn, MI

I was going through a very hurtful and harsh divorce.  Helen counseled me by telephone, gave me moral and emotional support to helped me through the divorce and to a brighter future. I am now happily married.

Grateful in LaHabra, CA, DK

​I had some real problems with my job.  Helen listened and helped me make a change.  While I'm not totally out of the woods yet, I am glad she gave me support and encouragement that I needed in a critical time in my life.

MS, St. Louis, MO